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Welcome to my Pensacola Inshore Fishing Reports Page

These reports are updated about

 twice a month.

Spring Break trips are a ton of fun, with lots of Big Sheepshead  and Redfish mixed in.


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January 24th -  Pensacola Fishing Report.

Itís 2015, and wow, how last year flew by. January came in with some very cold temperatures the first week and some high winds, so I was not out on the water. Letís talk about what the second week of January fishing was like. The bull reds were around, but not too thick. Iíve only seen a couple schools that have popped up in the bay a few times. The bridge fishing for upper slot reds has been pretty decent with the right tides. Night fishing for reds has also been very good on some of the bridges and in the pass. Along with some good red fishing on the bridges both day and night, Iíve been catching some bigger reds in Pensacola Pass. The pass has also been producing some black drum and some red snappers mixed in with the redfish. The third week of January was really nice, temps in the upper to mid 60ís and good fishing. Lots of redfish in the ICW on docks and the bridge fishing in the day has been very good to.

The report from the upper bay area both Escambia and Blackwater Bay has been pretty good. Lots of 14-17 inch trout with some nice slot reds mixed in.

Tossing a ZMan PaddlerZ  in Redbone and MinnowZ in Pearl White has been the best two baits.

Iím keeping this report short; Iíll post another report around the 2nd week of February.

Tight LinesÖ John

Here is a short video showing a little of what we did this past year in 2014.

I hope you enjoy it .

 I'm excited about the new 2015 fishing season.
Tight Lines... John


December 9th  Pensacola Fishing Report.

November is in the books and it was the best I have ever seen with the amount of fish caught and the size. December came in with warm temps the first week, around 72 degrees all week, which was very nice. We did have a full moon the first week, which did impact the bite some on a couple trips, but not too bad. We just didnít catch as many, but when youíre used to hooking up 20 Ė40 fish a trip and then it drops to only catching 6 or 8, then I guess Iím getting spoiled. Last night we got a small cold front and it will surely fire them off again. If you striper fish, these fish behave in similar fashion. They like the cold fronts and usually after each one they kick it up a notch. Iím still tossing Spro 1.5oz jigs at them with 7 and 8 foot Medium Heavy Rods with 4000 to 5000 reels. I use two different rods on my trips, both St. Croix and Wright McGills, and for reels, I use Shimano.

I have found that these big reds can retire a reel fast if you donít have good equipment that can hold up to their hard runs and their pure power. When youíre fighting a fish for 3 Ė6 minutes you need your tackle to hold up and not fail.

The last thing I want is you to lose that trophy fish because I didnít have the proper tackle in excellent working order.

The season should go strong until the middle of January and start to taper off. So if you want to experience some fun fast action fishing, you need to give this a try. Take a few days off, put the snow shovel down, head to the Gulf Coast and letís get a bent rod in your hand with a monster redfish attached at the other end.

If youíre on Facebook, check out my fan page, you can keep up with me while Iím on the water and see whatís going on each day. I post more often on there than I do on my fishing reports page. This page gets updated about twice a month; Facebook is usually every day while Iím on the water.


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November 26th  Pensacola Fishing Report.

November is the month of golden reds!

Each year I look forward to the annual fall redfish run, and the start of this one has topped them all. We had another cold front on Tuesday and thatís a good thing, because these reds like it cold. Over the past two weeks, Iíve been on the water frequently mostly with clients and a few times with buddies enjoying some fun fishing for myself.

There is nothing like fishing our annual redfish run. These fish are large and in charge, and they put up a fight that youíll never forget. More fish have come over the gunnel this November than in years past. And not only have we caught more fish, the fish are averaging much bigger than past years. The next 10 days look great weather wise and Iíll be out each day with clients having a blast, Iím sure. Watching their faces is priceless when they see how big their fish is when it pops up from the blue waters of Pensacola Bay.


I think they enjoy the running and gunning to get to these schools just as much as catching them. Sometimes we have to run fast to the schools of fish to get there first, and thatís where my Triton 240 LTS comes into play as far as ride, stability, and speed.  I can get you to the fish fast and safe and the ride is so smooth youíll be hooked up before you know it! 

Please keep in mind this trip is not a meat trip; itís strictly a catch and release trip as these fish are too big to keep per Florida Regulations. So thatís why we take extra care when we release them so they can swim off to make babies and/or be caught another day by maybe you!

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For more reports see link 2014 Fishing Reports all Months


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