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Pensacola Inshore Fishing Report Sept. 14th 2012

We are going to get our first cold front this week and it was about time. As summer ends and fall arrives the fishing is going to really get better. Not that itís not good during the summer months, it actually was a great summer for reds and trout, but generally the fishing is better in the spring, fall and winter than the dog days of summer like Aug and Sept,  (or maybe I canít take the heat).  Jack Crevell have started to show up on the flats crushing all the bait pods of blood minnows and small finger mullet. If you see a school of jacks around having a top-water plug tided on is a sure way to have some fun.

It takes a few cold fronts to affect the fish and drop the water temperature, so even though itís a little cooler out, my fishing style really doesn't change much until we've had around 4-5 cold fronts. Some major things that affect the style of fishing I do and where I fish are tidal flow, if itís cloudy out or blue skies, and lastly whether the water quality is muddy or clear and how much rain have we gotten. This week the looks good as far as weather and the tides look to be good as well, but like I said, we need a few cold fronts to kick off the fall fishing. I'll be out of and on the next few days to check a few areas out to see how they do.

Lastly, donít forget, if youíre heading down this way for November and December, the annual fall/winter red fishing will be in full swing. And let me tell you, if you want to hook up with a trophy redfish, then this is the time to visit Pensacola.


Till the next adventure, tight lines.


Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - Sept. 4th  2014

August is over and yet we still have about 5 weeks of warm weather and then it will be fall.

Over the next few weeks, Iíll be working the same areas for reds, and targeting Spanish some with some speck fishing mixed in. The speck fishing will be halfway decent, but it wonít really get good until October when the water starts to cool off.

September is a good month for big Spanish in Pensacola Bay as well as big king mackerel. In late September king mackerel show up in our bay, and it is a lot of fun going after these toothy critters. So over the next few weeks, yes, itís gonna be hot, so if you donít like hot temps, try fishing at night on 3-mile bridge for reds, trout and even tarpon. Tarpon show up in July and August and in September they start to go make their way in to Pensacola bay and the upper bay areas, feeding on all the baitfish. During September at night itís one of the best times to fish and catch a tarpon in Pensacola.

Lastly, donít forget, if youíre heading down this way for November and December, the annual fall/winter red fishing will be in full swing. And let me tell you, if you want to hook up with a trophy redfish, then this is the time to visit Pensacola.
Till the next adventure, tight lines.


Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - August 13th  2014

August has pretty much started off similar to July, with lots of redfish, and plenty of spanish mackerel around. Mixed in are ladyfish and some bluefish. The trout bite has been so-so the past few weeks, hereís a tip, slow your baits down similar to what you would do if it was winter time. If you are serious about catching trout, try the lights at night or the last two hours of daylight. Iíve found the bite to be the best then for these yellow-mouth critters. Iíve been tossing a variety of baits on the reds from live to artificial depending upon where Iím fishing. August is still a hot month as is September and itís not until October when the fish start to make their migration up river and out of our area depending on the species.

Over the next few weeks, Iíll be working the same areas for reds, and targeting Spanish some with some speck fishing mixed in. The speck fishing like I said is ok, but it wonít really get good until October when the water starts to cool off.

Donít forget, if youíre heading down this way for November and December, the annual fall/winter red fishing will be in full swing. And let me tell you, if you want to hook up with a trophy redfish, then this is the time to visit Pensacola.
Till the next adventure, tight lines.

Remember that the fall red fishing is just around the corner if you want to hook up on a trophy redfish

 November and December are the months to come visit me.

Let's get you hooked up today!!!


Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - July 17th  2014

What a year itís been so far; new boat, crazy temperatures, flooding, and lots of bent rods.  Iíve been fishing non-stop it seems like since spring break. I received my new 240 LTS Triton in February and Iím so happy with it. It is everything Iíve wanted in a boat and my clients are very pleased with it as well.

The summer break is nearly over and families are winding up their vacationing. Just like last year, itís going to start to slow down tourism wise, and although I love my job, Iím okay with the thought of a few days off. Running just about everyday and doubles some days will wear you down and at 47 years young, Iím ready for a break.

So, you want to know how the fishing has been? It has been off the charts! This July is all about slot reds and lots of them. Over the past three weeks, Iíve been crushing the slot reds in the bay, sound, and flats. The bite has been astounding; itís like nothing Iíve ever seen. This redstravaganza canít last much longer; it is crazy good! The only thing bad about this good of fishing is that each trip I worry that the bite will finally shut off, but each time we go out, the bite gets better.

Of course, with August right around the corner, summer is kind of over for me. The kids are going back to school and that means August is much slower, but the fishing isnít over by a long shot. August is still a great month for all inshore light tackle species.  Iíll be targeting the same areas I did in July, and hopefully having some of the same results.

I have been guiding in the Pensacola, Navarre and Perdido Key area for over 11 years now and have been fishing these waters for 16 years. Trust me when I say Iím your guy when it comes to light tackle inshore fishing. With my new Triton, state of the art electronics, all the toys and gadgets on the boat, top of the line rods and reels, and all the best tackle the front hatch will hold, I can proudly say youíll be fishing in style. See my Facebook page for up to date pics of my latest catches. I write reports on my main site about every two to three weeks.

Thanks for stopping by.


Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - July 1st  2014

June is in the books and what a great month it was for inshore fishing. Where do I begin? Since I like trout fishing so much, letís talk about all the big trout caught this month. The entire month was great for big fish. The biggest trout landed this June was 26.5Ē around 6 lbs. On average, the fish ranged from 14Ē to 18Ē with a few over 20Ē.   Some days weíre catching some days weíre fishing, but no matter the outcome we had fun. Not only was the trout bite exceptional in June; I had some really good redfish days too. As June progressed and the water temperature got hotter, the ladyfish and bluefish showed up. In June and July due to the hot temps, I have to start my inshore trips around 5am and end them around 9:45. My afternoon trips started around 3:15 pm and ended around 7:45pm. Both trips have been very productive for trout, reds with some ladyfish and bluefish mixed in.


July will be similar to Juneís trips due to the summer heat. If youíre looking for a professional inshore trip, then youíve come to the right place. I pride myself on my knowledge on how to catch inshore fish on artificials and having top notch equipment like my Shimano Stradics and the best lures on the market that catch fish, including ZMan Baits and MirrOlure Baits. These two companies have been helping me put big fish in the boat for years. Oh, and I also own one of the finest boats around: the 240 LTS TRITON matched up with a 250 J Mercury Verado.

With my knowledge of our fishery, my tackle, and my Triton I can assure youíll have the most professional trip possible.

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July.

Tight Lines.


Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - June 8th  2014

Fat Daddy Trout on the Menu 

The new Triton has brought some good mojo to my fishing venues as Iíve been putting some really big trout in the boat this year. 

May has come to an end and again this yearís season is flying by faster than ever. Itís June 8th and summer break is among us with lots of eager anglers from all over the US, including visitors from Arkansas and Texas and northern states like Ohio and Wisconsin.

Iíve been guiding for 11 years and had clients from as far as Germany, California and from way way up north in Canada. Pensacola draws a very diverse clientele, which makes everyday interesting, because I get to meet folks from all walks of life. 

Not only is the company I keep very diverse, but also the fish we go after is just as variable. One day the reds are on fire, and the next you are thick in the trout. We also get a flounder or black drum on board which is a nice change of pace, and the kids love reeling in those ladyfish! Over the past few weeks the trout bite has been on fire with big fish ranging from 2-1/2 lb to 5 lbs and a few weighing over 6-1/2 lbs. Weíve also been pretty good into some really nice reds. 99% of my fishing is with artificials but on occasion Iíll have to go old school and use live bait to better entice the strikes. As a veteran guide in our area I try to make sure you have a professional trip every time. I always have top of the line equipment on my trips including Shimano Stradic reels, ASR Tournament Rods, and the best braided and fluorocarbon line on the market. All of that and one of the finest inshore boats money can buy: the 240 LTS Triton Bay Boat matched up with a Mercury Verado 250 Pro.

Iíve got a few more openings in June and some in July, so if youíre heading down this way to spend some time digging your toes in our sugar white sands and want take a fishing adventure that is second to none, give me a ring at 850-341-9816

Until the next adventure, hereís wishing you bent rods and screaming drags.

Tight Lines. 


Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - May 25th  2014

May is winding down and boy has it been a strange month to fish our waters. On April 29th we had 26.81Ē of rain in 24-hours. The week before that, we had 10Ē. We had a few more rain days in May and those totals were around 5Ē- 7Ē. So from April 29th to now May 24th weíve had over 40Ē of rain. It really messed up the water and the fishing in a lot of areas for a while. The trout swam right out to the pass in the deeper waters to get to the salinity levels they like. They also were just off our beaches outside the pass on the shoals; most of these fish were the big females spawning. As the month went on, we didnít have much rain, which was a blessing and the water started to clear up. Now the water is still very muddy, but the salinity levels are getting back to normal on the flats, which is a good thing. The fish have slowly started to make their way back onto the flats where they belong. Over the past 10 or so trips weíve boated some really nice trout, many over 20Ē and a few over 25Ē.  Not only has the trout bite been incredible, so has the redfish bite. On my last trip, we hooked 8 reds and had 5 keepers and lots of small male trout with only 3 being keepers. June is going to be a good month on the flats for trout and redfish. All fish were caught on artificials; most of my trips are artificial bait trips. I donít mind tossing live baits under a popping cork and waiting for a bite, but I have found that most fisherman like catching their fish on artificials.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tight LinesÖ John

 Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - May 12th  2014

Muddy Water Adventures

Muddy water fishing adventures in the panhandle is what weíve had here the past few trips.
If you havenít heard or seen the news about our area, Iíll catch you up. Pensacola was hit with a rain event like no other on April 29th. We had 26.81Ē of rain and about a week and a half before that we had 8 -11Ē of rain depending upon the area of town. The day of the big storm I had 22Ē at my house.  So in about two weeks we had close to 35-38Ē of rain, and we are still a bit soggy in places.
With an unprecedented amount of rainfall, I was very concerned on what it was going to do to my fishing spots. Some of my trips canceled that week of the storm, which I couldnít blame them. I took off about 10 days due to cancellations, but now Iím back out on the water and Iím happy to report the bite is pretty good considering the muddy conditions. The past few trips have been a lot of fun and surprisingly productive even though the water is still very murky from all the rain and weíve had some nasty winds to deal with as well. I have fished a lot of spots in 1.5 Ė6 ft of water and I still canít see the bottom, but thatís ok, because weíre catching fish. The cool thing about the dirty water is I can step up my leader and another thing is the reds are very dark. In other words, they change their color depending upon their environment, so since the water is crazy dark the reds have really gotten golden dark so they are really sharp looking. Because of the water conditions I had to change up my lure presentation to where Iím using more chartreuse and dark colors. With the weather and water conditions like they have been, itís been a challenge to try to figure out what the fish want, but thatís part of the process, and Iím always up for new challenges.

If you think you are up for an awesome, yet maybe slightly muddy, fishing adventure, then pick up the phone, give me a ring, and we will get you out on the water.

Till the next time,

Hereís wishing you tight lines.

 Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - April 25th  2014  

April brought some fun fishing with lots of big sheepshead and some big redfish in the pass. We had a little more rain than I would have liked this month, most of which happened last week and dirtied up the water pretty badly. Itís going to take a week or so of no rain to clear it totally up. Even though we had more rain than I like in a short period of time the fishing is still half way decent. We caught some sheepies and redfish in the bay over the past few days. Iím happy to say that the big Jacks have shown up along the beaches and they should be around for the next 5 Ė 6 weeks. Late April and May is the best time to catch Jack Crevalle along our shores; we also sight fish redfish along the beaches in April and May. Pompano are also being caught near the surf along the beaches; we catch them from a boat using the Power-Pole or use the iPilot to hold position in a depth of around 2 - 4ft to fish the deeper channels in near the surf.

As May starts and the water clears Iíll be back on the flats in the upper bays. I would normally have already been on the flats this time of year in Escambia Bay but with the 9Ē Ė11Ē of rain we had last week, it put a damper on me heading up there to trout fish. There are some quality trout in the ICW and if you want to go after a few of those as well as some slot reds, we can still fish for them. I have a feeling that with all this rain some of these fish that are usually in the upper bay areas have moved to the ICW because of the salinity level. Trout can handle freshwater, but when it happens fast and they are going to spawn, they look for a more preferable salinity levels.

The flats fishing in the upper bays should kick off around Motherís Day (May 11) and Iím excited to toss some top-water plugs for some big momma trout!

So, if youíre looking for some light tackle trout and redfish or want to fight the big jacks on the beach, then look no further; I think we can get you BOWED UP!

One last thing, if youíre looking to learn how to saltwater fish or learn our area waters better, you might just benefit from my special style of charter called SALTWATER ACADEMY.  This technically filled charter has been very popular with locals and visitors to the gulf coast. This hands on, instructional charter will help even the most novice of anglers become a pro in no time. Check out the link: www.saltwateracademy.

Of course, if you enjoy a fun day with family and friends on the water, my regular charter is always a great way to make some fantastic new memories!

We do it right at Mega-Bite!
Tight Lines!

Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - April 8th  2014   

March flew by, but when youíre up before the sun and washing the boat as it goes down, the days go fast. The Sheepshead bite started out slow this March due to the very cold temps the past few months. This made the spawn start later than usual. But once it kicked off it was on fire and is still going strong and should last till around about two more weeks. We have caught some really nice sheepshead this season, and so far the biggest was around 22Ē, which my guess is around 6 - 7 lbs. We have had some fun on the water this spring, and April should be just as enjoyable.  I made a short 2-minute video of the sheepshead fishing in the pass.  See my main page or click on the YouTube channel, to see more videos. Iíll be making more videos this year.

 Iíll be in the pass the first couple of weeks continuing my pursuit of the striped sheepies, and then itís back to the flats for trout and redfish. Iíll also be out along the beaches when itís calm looking for Cobia and schools of Jacks. April is a great time to enjoy chasing down some Jack Crevalle. The Jacks in April are big, averaging 12-18 lbs.

The new Triton has performed impeccably and itís one of the finest fishing boats Iíve ever had the pleasure to ride in and I am proud to own.  See their website and check out the 22 and 24 ft saltwater bay boats. www.tritonboats.com


Three years ago I started an instructional fishing charter called

SALTWATER FISHING ACADEMY.  www.saltwateracademy.com

Saltwater Fishing Academy is a fishing experience like no other for local or visiting anglers to the Pensacola gulf coast. It's designed for both the experienced angler who wants to up his game or the novice angler who wants to improve his skills. I will teach you inshore fishing techniques for redfish, trout, pompano, Spanish, jacks, and much more in our area while using artificials. 99% of my fishing trips we'll be using artificials only, but I will also explain when to leave the plastics in the bag and switch over to live bait, for instance when fishing for Sheepshead in late March and early April.

Till the next adventure, hereís wishing you tight lines.



Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - March 23rd  2014  

Itís that time of year again when everyone is fishing for the striped, spiny, bucked tooth sheepies. The sheepshead bite has been hit and miss the past two weeks, where some days we crushed them and others it was a little tough, but thatís fishing for you. Iíve had some fun with my clients sight fishing reds in the shallows both in the bay and just off the surf, weíve also caught some nice fish fishing the deep drop-offs in the pass.

Yesterdayís afternoon trip we caught a whopper-- the biggest red to date on my new Triton-- a 43Ē red.

The sheepshead are very late this year, but donít worry, the biteís about to kick off, and although I donít think it will last as long as normal, it should be very good starting Wednesday and last about two weeks then start to taper off. Hopefully Iím right and we will enjoy a more consistent bite.

Here are a few pics, 

Iím big on not killing a lot of fish, and I encourage catch and release with my clients and only keeping what they can eat while they are in town for a few days. Thatís why you usually donít see my pics with 30+ sheepshead lined out. Of course, if my clients are planning a big fish fry, then weíll line them up, and hopefully nothing goes to waste. Hereís a tip for visiting anglers: take you fresh catch to one of our many fine restaurants at the beach, and for a nominal fee, they will prepare your fish and then you can enjoy a relaxing dinner or lunch without all the messy cleanup.

Flounders, Crabs, Peg leg Peteís

Till the next time, hereís wishing everyone tight lines.

Here is a picture of my lunch buddy the past few trips.


 Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - March 12th  2014

Spring Break trips have officially begun and the fishing has been pretty good, not quite great yet, but itíll warm up a bit more, and then it will be on fire. We had a very cold winter and the fish (Sheepshead) are running a little late this year. Good thing is the redfish, black drum, and red snapper are biting, so we can go after several species on one trip.


Iím catching the big reds by sight fishing them in the shallows in depths of 3-6 ft in crystal clear water. The schools of fish range between 10 Ė100 fish, so multiple hookups are possible. Next week looks good weather wise and I think the sheepshead will finally be there as the water temps are finally right.
When fishing for sheepshead and redfish in the pass, the go-to bait is live shrimp, but you can also use fiddler crabs and oysters. This is the only time of the year I use live bait unless my client requests live bait on board. After the spring sheepshead run, Iíll be back on flats with my new Triton stalking reds and trout.
Here are some of the baits I like while Iím on the flats: ZMan baits and MirrOlureís hard baits including their top-water plugs.

Itís going to be a great spring, so stay tuned for some fun reports and pics.

Thanks for stopping by! Tight Lines.





February Fishing in Northwest Florida

 Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - Feb 23rd  2014

My first trip of the year was this weekend Saturday (2-22-2014).  The fishing was slower than I like, but sometimes thatís how it goes.  The reason Iíve not fished this year was in January I had my first and hopefully last shoulder surgery, and after weeks stuck in the house, I had been going stir crazy, and really wanted to get the new boat out on the water. Oh, yeah, another first. I bought a new 240 LTS Triton soon after the start of the New Year.

Iíve had the new boat out twice and Iím excited about showing it to my fellow captain friends and clients. I went out a few days ago with the wife to get the final break in period and do a little scouting around, and we did pretty well. I found some nice reds and a good speck bite on the muddy flats. The boat ran great and the new electronics are going to be awesome this year. 

I put the latest and greatest toys on the boat. The bottom machine is Humminbirdís 999ci HD SI. The fish canít hide, not with this device on deck. I also put a new 8í Power-Pole Blade for shallow water anchoring.  I didnít want 10ft because I really never fish deeper than 6 Ė7 ft for trout and when I do I can use the Minn Kota I-Pilot to hold position, plus I felt that the longer Power-Pole would get in the way of me and my clients fishing. The boat is a sleek, comfortable, and dry ride, and the Mercury 250 Verado simply purrs, and is also one of the most advanced engines on the market.

Thatís a little bit about the new Mega-Bite. Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Iím 46 years old, a family man with a great wife that has put up with me for 22 years, and a son, who is my real pride and joy, who attends Florida State University. Iíve been guiding now for 11 years and I am one of the veteran captains in the area. I know our waters as well as the back of my hand, and I absolutely love fishing. I was in the Marines for 6 years, went to college to be a P.E. / History teacher, but when I moved to Florida from southern Indiana I somehow became a fishing guide. I am passionate about my job, and I can assure you a professional fishing experience, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Tight Lines... John

Pensacola Charter Fishing Report - Feb 19th  2014

Hereís a quick report for the area: We had one more cold front again about a week ago, but not as bad as the last one, but it was pretty chilly getting down into the 30ís. The trout bite in Escambia Bay is plentiful with big fish, but with this really cold weather, itís best to work your baits SLOW! This week it warmed up and this warmer weather will help the bite be even better.

Try the Paul Brown or 17MR or 18MR made by MirrOlure; trust me, with these in your tackle box you canít go wrong. If the fish donít hit these, theyíre not there. Bob Sikes Bridge is producing some sheepshead along with some nice slot reds, and so has 3-Mile Bridge. Pensacola Pass on the jetties is starting to show signs of life with a few sheepies being caught as well as some gray snappers.

March is not far off and Iím excited to get the new boat out on its first charter of 2014. My guess is itís going to be on the flats this month then off to the sheepshead grounds in March .

If you want to fish on the latest and greatest fishing machine around, and hang out with a captain who is passionate about panhandle fishing year round, then give me a shout, and weíll get you on board!

Itís going to be rocking good time in 2014 on the Mega-Bite!

Check out my new 240 LTS Triton 

Tight Lines.


Pensacola Charter Fishing Report Feb 3rd  2014

Ice Fishing in the Panhandle Ė Pensacola Fishing

Ice and snow is not what we normally expect in January in the panhandle, but 2014 has so far given us the unexpected.

I moved to Florida 15 years ago during a particularly cold winter in Indiana, and although we still get seasonal weather, we havenít had to break out the ice scrapers before. We had temps here around 14 Ė 20 degrees for two and a half days. It was just crazy and this place just shut down.

Needless to say we didnít fish much the last week of January. Before the Ice Storm of 2014 for Pensacola and the surrounding area, the trout bite was pretty good quality in Escambia and Blackwater. Anglers had also been catching some nice slot redfish. For this time of year, I typically rely on artificial baits to go after the trout and reds. For my soft plastics, I like ZMan PaddlerZ and the MinnowZ, and I just started using the new PogyZ; these three baits rigged on a 1/8 Ė1/4 oz jig head are deadly and dependable.

With hard baits, of course itís MirrOlure! One of my go to baits is the 17MR; Iíve been using the 17MR since I became a guide 11 years ago. Last year they came out with the 18MR, which sinks, and in water over 6 ft it is a deadly lure. This year they came out with a new bait called the Soft Dine, which is a cross of two baits, the Paul Brown and the 17MR. Iíve used this new bait and trust me when I say, youíre gonna catch some big trout and lots of them when you use it. Paul Browns usually are winter and fall baits, but I think the new Soft Dine will be great this spring on the flats!

The big reds have slowly moved back offshore, and with only a few schools still around, itís kind of been hit and miss. This past November Ė December was just awesome for the reds, and I canít wait till next season.

Before I jump off of here, letís talk about whatís coming up in Feb Ė March.
February is a great month for trout in the upper rivers and upper bays, and from time to time youíll come up with some fun redfish. Depending upon how cold it is outside will determine if the fish are deep in holes as deep as 18ft or in depths of 4-10 ft. Drop-shot rigs, and vertical jigging is a very good technique for trout in the deeper holes.

As February ends and March comes in, itís the only time I exclusively put live bait on the boat for MONSTER SHEEPSHEAD! Itís tons of fun regardless if youíre an avid angler or newbie! The sheepshead bite starts around March 15th and lasts till around April 25th. So, if youíre in the area or heading down this way, look me up and letís get you HOOKED UP on The MEGA-BITE!

Iíve been guiding for 11 years now and run two styles of charters; one is my basic charter business Mega-Bite Inshore Charters, and the other is listed below.

Three years ago I started an instructional fishing charter called

SALTWATER FISHING ACADEMY.  www.saltwateracademy.com

Saltwater Fishing Academy is a fishing experience like no other for local or visiting anglers to the Pensacola gulf coast. It's designed for both the experienced angler who wants to up his game or the novice angler who wants to improve his skills. I will teach you inshore fishing techniques for redfish, trout, pompano, Spanish, jacks, and much more in our area while using artificials. 99% of my fishing trips we'll be using artificials only, but I will also explain when to leave the plastics in the bag and switch over to live bait, for instance when fishing for Sheepshead in late March and early April.

This is the trip for someone who wants to be able to get out the next time on his own, and have a better understanding of how to fish our waters. The family style trips are still available, and they are booking up fast for spring break, so if you plan on coming down, give me a ring, and weíll get you hooked up on the Mega-Bite. 

Tight Lines,


Pensacola Charter Fishing Report Jan. 24th  2014

Another cold front is approaching which again will bring the temps down into the 20ís and the winds are going to be blowing 15-25 for the next few days. With these conditions Iíve postponed some trips for better fishing days. Yes, we could go out but why not go when the weather is better and we can have more fun. Before the front, the trout bite was on fire and the fish have been big. The big reds have spread out and some of have left to head back out to the gulf and some have moved up into the upper bays in the shallows to finish off their spawning. The rest of this month and February the big reds will still be around, but not in the massive schools like they were in December. Most of the pods will be around 5-20 fish. Letís get back to the trout, and as I stated in the beginning of this report, the trout bite before this massive cold front was outstanding. Almost all the fish are keepers and lots are over 20Ē. All the fish were caught on artificials. Here is what I use in the winter months: Z-Mann  Paddler Z & MinnowZ, MirrOlure's  17MR & 18 MR, Original Paul Brown and the new Soft Dine made by MirrOlure. So as you can tell January so far has been very cold, windy with only a few good days to fish, but when the weather was right the bite was very good.

It wonít be long until March / Spring Break is here, and if youíre looking for some of the best inshore light tackle action along the gulf coast, March is your month and even April is ideal. Monster Sheepshead, drag screaming redfish and hard pulling black drum with some snapper mixed in--these spring break trips are so much fun it should be illegal.

Here is a link to last years March Trips 2013

Mega-Bite Inshore Charters is your all in one Inshore Guided Charter specializing in Light Tackle Artificials for trout and reds. Whether youíre a pro/advanced angler or novice angler and just want to fish for fun, Iíll specifically design your charter to fit your needs. If youíre a local or visiting angler with a boat and want to learn our inland waters, my Saltwater Academy Charter is for you. www.saltwateracademy.com

  Depths:  Redfish 3 Ė 9 ft when temps are average for winter --- 12 - 20 ft when it drops in below 50 for a few days.

 Areas Fished: Escambia Bay / River, and Blackwater Bay / Yellow River

At Mega-Bite Inshore Charters, we do it all! Thanks for stopping by.

Tight LinesÖ

Capt. John

Pensacola Charter Fishing Report Jan. 4th  2014

Let me start out by thanking all my clients from 2013 for such a great year. Thank you for choosing Mega-Bite Inshore Charters for your customized fishing trip. It was a pleasure meeting you and your friends and families. I hope you had fun, and hope I helped to create some special memories that will last a lifetime.

It always amazes me on how fast the year flies by, and I can hardly believe 2014 is just a few days away. This year was a great year for fishing here on the Gulf Coast, and December was no exception.

My last trip of the year was today 12-26-2013, and brrr it was a cold one, but the fishing was red hot. Caught some big reds and then hit the trout hole for some fresh dinner for my clients to take to back to the condo for the family. It was a great way to end the year even though the weather was not the best. Iíll be back out after the New Year. Some routine maintenance to both the trailer and boat, and then back at it for 2014. Iím already booked a bunch in January and February; Spring Break is just around the corner, so start booking now.

Letís talk about the big reds and what I use to hook these monsters. I use Spro Jigs 1.5 Ė2 oz white or pink with small 4Ē curly tail grubs attached. I use these jigs because of how well the jigs are made and their extra strong hooks and donít lose fish with them.


With the New Year here Iíll be both in the upper bays and rivers doing some trout and slot red fishing, and Iíll be in the bay for the big reds. January and February are great months for big trout in the upper bay/rivers. The key to fishing the winter months in the panhandle is watching the tides and cold fronts and picking the right times to go out. As a veteran guide in our area, I pride myself on making sure your fishing trip is at the right time to provide you the best possible opportunities to catch fish.


As you can see, the fishing in the winter months in Pensacola and the surrounding areas can be very good. And if you missed out this past November or December for the big reds, buy a new 2014 calendar and then mark your calendar and make it a point to come visit me to enjoy some of the best red fishing on the planet.

Hope every one had a Happy New Year.


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